About Fresh jasmines online flower Store


Fresh Jasmines Pvt Ltd (ABN: 99146528832)

Fresh Jasmines started its operation in 2007 and grew very strongly over the years and now it is well established throughout Australia. We are passionate about bringing best products to Australia; we work relentlessly to bring everything our customer asks for it.
Currently we are the only organisation bringing goods via Air Freight (6 to 8 shipments per month) and Sea freight (1 container per week) with well-established supply chain management.
Our focus is quality in everything we do. As we are part of our customer’s important events in life, we consider time and delivery commitment as our key value.

What we do

At Fresh Jasmines, we source products demanded by current market trends, we procure them with highest quality standard and distribute to widest network in Australia.
Appealing marketing creates high awareness and consumer recognition at retail display, which is what we focus in every product. Our quality assurance team, ensure strict quality control on every product that gets shipped to us.
We take pride in what we do and maintain the respect of our valued customers.

Our Difference

Passion in bringing best products. Ability to deliver our promise.
Timely delivery which is vital in wholesale business and to our clients.
Unparalleled service with a dedicated team of enthusiastic professionals to serve better at all times.

Our Strength

Energetic Sales Team (6 marketing executives in all major cities in Australia).
Distribution network (Own warehouse and transportation in
Victoria / New South Wales, Distribution companies in other states).
Warehousing capacity of 20,000 sq. ft.
Effective supply chain management software.
Enthusiastic professional team to provide the required service.

Key Milestones

2013: Streamlined our operations to have 6 to 8 Air freight per month and 1 sea freight per week. Team achieved excellence in improving supply chain management.
2012: We had our first warehouse in Sydney (second in the country). Distribution network expanded to 150+ shops and achieved our milestone of catering to 1000+ events.
2011: Our distribution network expanded to 75+ shops and catered more than 500 events within Australia.
2010: We had our first warehouse in Melbourne.
2009: Expanded our product array to include Sweets & Snacks, Spiritual Items and increased our distribution network.
2008: Expanded operation in Sydney and other major cities in Australia. Supplied garlands to events and Indian grocery shops.
2007: Fresh Jasmines started its operation and brought Jasmines flowers to Australia (We are proud to the first importer bringing Jasmines flowers from India to Melbourne).

Our Mission Statement

Fresh Jasmines is young and energetic team of committed, positive and successful people who are always striving to improve Quality, Service and Approach.
We strive to source and market well researched products of the highest quality with modern packaging. We ensure our products are used by customers with utmost satisfaction.
For wholesale buyers or grocery shop we ensure our products are placed in shelves of every outlet possible and undertake effective display, ensuring sales, assuring profits and satisfaction for the buyers.
Excellence in service along with prompt delivery is our strength.

Our Promise

Fresh Jasmines promises to deliver quality products at a competitive price and maintain a consistent supply.
The team at Fresh Jasmines guarantee effective communication, making our customer a priority and ensuring a reliable supply chain. Fresh Jasmines communicates this promise to our partners (suppliers) to jointly work towards delivering the same to our customers.